Monday, August 30, 2010

Winchester Commemoratives

Winchester Commemoratives are very popular to gun collectors as these collector items are rare to find and possess unique features compared to regular firearms.  Winchester Commemoratives collector’s craze started when the Winchester Repeating Arms Company started producing very limited number of 'Commemorative' firearms in 1964.  The company made these highly valued rifles and carbines to commemorate and give significance to important events and personalities in the United States and Canada.  The firearms of Winchester Repeating Arms Company made the firearms more special by engraving images of the event or personality being commemorated, putting embellishments on the rifles, and using rare materials and wood handles. 

Winchester Commemorative firearms come enclosed in commemorative  boxes with a colorful sleeve.  To get the highest value, the guns should still be in the box and unfired, known as NIB or “new in box” in collector’s terminology.  Some sellers also keep the shipping documents and factory receipts as proof of origin.

Some of the most popular Winchester commemoratives are as follows:

1988 Statue of Liberty Centennial – This firearm have  hand engraving by Giovanelly of Italy, the engravings have gold inlays, French walnut stock, and comes with a 24” wood carving of the Statue of Liberty.

1981 Annie Oakley – 22 Long Rifle. This firearm has shooting scenes, is engraved in matte gold receiver, and has 20” round barrel bands.

1985 Boy Scouts of America – 22 Long Rifle. Engraved with a Boy Scout Salute image, receiver plated in pewter, plus the lever, bands and medallion in stock, with 20” round barrel.

President’s Edition –  Three level engraving with selected overlays in gold on a high polished blue, including the lever and barrel bands.  Model 94 Big Bore Frame, wood with beautiful medallion in stock, 20” round barrel.

1984 Winchester Colt Matched Set –  This set of firearms include the Winchester rifle and Colt Single Action Army revolver, with serial numbers.  Both firearms have engravings and a blue high polished overlay covering the body of each gun.

You can find a complete list of these in the book Winchester Commemoratives Vol 1 and 2

Since Winchester Commemoratives were born, these highly valued firearms have been very popular to gun collectors, as Winchester Commemoratives are not only unique and rare, but these guns also give significance to a historical event or personality in the United States and in Canada.  And possessing these Winchester Commemoratives is a pride to every collector.

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