Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Internet Marketing - Don't Get Banned

One major worry in internet marketing is getting banned. Getting banned from a site means that you are no longer allowed to post on that site. The scariest ban of all means that your site is removed from the Google search results. If this happens, then all of your hard internet marketing work was for nothing.

But just like you don't get a speeding ticket if you never speed, if you follow some simple internet marketing rules, you won't get banned. Here are some of the most common ones.

Forums and Blogs

You don’t want to get banned from the major forums and blogs in your industry as these are good sources for authorities backlinks to your site (an important part of internet marketing) as well as traffic. They also are good for keeping up with the trends of your industry and networking with others.

But this one is easy. First, actually respond on topic. If the entry or thread is on one topic, post about that topic. Second, put your url in the right spot. For blogs, there is a url field when you post a comment. Don’t put it in the comment itself. For forums, set up your signature with your url and some text about you. Never put your url in the body of the post.


It is super easy to get banned on Facebook. If you have a profile for your business that’s enough to get you banned (although you should have a profile, just make it your company’s leader’s profile, not directly your business's profile). The key here is moderation. Never request more than 30 people to be your friend in a week and limit the number of messages you send out. If you do get banned, ask them to unban you. Sometimes, they will.


Google is the most important service related to internet marketing these days. You can get banned from Google if they think you are faking your site’s authority. You can do this through various "Black Hat" techniques. For one, never use auto-blogging software on your main site. If Google detects this, you will get banned. Second, if you pay for automated backlinks, make sure these are balanced with real backlinks created by a human. Too many computer generated backlinks and Google will figure it out.

If you do get banned, don’t panic, try contacting the site or service that you are banned from and ask what you can do to correct the situation, many times they will tell you. In general, read the terms of service and follow that and you won't have any problems.

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