Sunday, September 24, 2006

Odd things and Pretty Rings

Random points for today:

• I just took a water out of my fridge and it is completely frozen. Completely!!! I think that I have the fridge set toooo cold.

• I appear to be getting sick. That or my lymph nodes are rebelling. pooey.

• I think that I want to go to a break dancing class. It is cool to watch and even if I try to learn basics it will be good for my muscles.

• Despite being totally unfazed by blood and gore on TV and Movies, a swollen mole on my own body can make me extremely sick to my stomach.

• oh, and I got my backpack hung on a mole on Wednesday and now the mole is swollen about 4 times it's normal size. If it doesn't go done in a couple days, I am gonna see the doctor.

• I am reading a really good book about the New Age Movement. Aptly named, "The New Age Movement" by Paul Heelas. It is well written and easy to understand. He doesn't get lost in tangents like Alan Watts (The last book I read was Beyond Theology).

• The Museum of Natural Science only plays "Dark Side of the Moon" during the Summer. I wanted to catch it one more time, but I waited too long. :-( But I did see it once this summer already. I guess that I have something to look forward to for next summer.


• I am going to help out with Lindyfest this year! I told Larry that I would like to help and he told me that he would call or email me once he puts the list together of things to be done. :-)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Thinking
Just wondern' if the world is round
I am here
dancing on the ground
every little right side up
or upside down
Is this real?
Or am I dreaming?

The world is well. At least in my life!! :-) Everything is going wonderfully right now. It is like all the I have been working on throughout my life is coming together. I am waking up early! I am walking to school! I love my classes! I just got an A+ on my Logic test!

It is awesome when the world just works. Everything is in sync. Dreams lead me. I follow. I do. I don't try. I have learned that if you just go with the flow, life can be good. It can be one hell of a ride if you let it be.

Do you believe in Magic
In a young girl's heart?
The music can free her
whenever it starts.
I'd tell you bout the magic
Let it free your soul
But it's like trying to tell a stranger
about Rock 'n' Roll.

I recently read "Beyond Theology" by Alan Watts. It is a really good book and I would recommend it for anyone interested in Christianity and/or Hinduism. It takes the idea that Hinduism is true but that Christianity can fit nicely within the frame of reference of Hinduism. It gives an appealing interp to Christianity.

My Word!! The weather today is amazing!! I have my windows open and the attic fan on and it is awesome in this apartment. I actually feels like fall and it is not technically fall yet. (ok, 2 days is close enough, but still) I makes me just happy to be alive and breathing.

So Basically:
Life is GOOD!!
Enjoy it!!

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