Thursday, February 15, 2007

20,000 ft Review: Responsibilities

A part of the GTD system at the 20,000 ft level is the areas of responsibility review.

I have been trying different ways to get my head around all of the areas of my life. I originally tried just a list on a 4 x 6 index card, but that wasn't visual enough and it didn't really allow me to organise it how I wanted. So I decided that I would try a MindMap. I used Mindjet MindManager to create a mindmap with just "My Life" in the middle. Then I filled in the large areas, such as school, work, and personal. I listed each area of responsibility in its appropriate category and used the Callout bubble to fill in details. Lastly, I used the relationship lines to connect things that were related.

Here is my completed Map:

Now, in order to do my responsibility review:

  1. I fire up my Mindmap
  2. Add any new / edit any old areas of responsibility
  3. Make sure that all of my areas of responsibility are being covered by the projects that I have on my projects list.
How easy is that!

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