Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have a fetish. At least, I think it is a fetish.

I like Sheet Protectors.

A lot.

I have a ton of them and use them for all kinds of paper holding projects. One of my favorites is notes from class. I make a binder with all of my notes from a class and then when I am studying them, I can write all over them with dry erase markers.

But Today....

I make....

A Presentation Binder!!!!

I am working with a Non-Profit Corporation to help it get started (more on that later), and I am putting together an info binder with Mission, A Photo tour, and Organizational documents to show key ideas of the Non-profit and how far along it is on formation.

It's Pretty!!!!!!

Everything is in SHEET PROTECTORS!!! Hot Damn!!

Ok, I am weird and I know it. So Shoot me. (please don't really...)

I still have folders to sort through. Back to work....

But I leave you with this from Savage Chickens:

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