Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Look

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I just ignored the internet during finals and then during christmas. But I am back and am now working on a new layout design for this blog. And a new format.

Currently, I have this one blog that contains both personal and non-personal entries. If I want this blog to be actually useful to people, which I do, I need to take out the personal entries and put them somewhere else, in a new blog. This is exactly what I plan to do. The new site will actually have four seperate site combined into one. One will still be called "Fearful Symmetry" and will be the blog with useful info in it. I will be writing about Apple Computers, Life Hacking, and general inspirational (in a non-religious sense) material. I hope that you keep reading that blog.

My personal blog will be called My Life 2.0 and will be where I discuss personal issues and my own life journey. If you actually know me, you may want to read this one.

Along with the two blogs, I will have a Houston Swing Dance Information site, which is already up in the new theme (although it's still in beta and doesn't yet work on Internet Explorer. I will soon be on a css hack search.)
I will also have an academic site, which will hold my resume and work that I have done. This is where I will be compiling my Leadership Rice Portfolio. This site will only really be of interest to a couple people, but I've been thinking about doing an academic site for a while, so here is my chance.

The site should be up completely by the end of next week (I hope). So check back soon for more info and for the new design.

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