Friday, October 27, 2006

Hartman Middle School

Ryan S and I went to Hartman middle school yesterday to do a swing demo/ swing history lesson. It was fun although it didn't turn out as well as we had hoped. I think 6 graders are a bit too young for partner dancing. (AHH! I have to touch a BOY!!) But we are going back again today to show some of the kids that didn't get to see us yesterday. We shall see how this day goes.

But more shocking then the fact that 6th graders can't sit still is the school itself. I went to use the restroom and realized that none of the stalls had toilet paper! I asked one of the little girls about the lack of toilet paper and she told me that they have to bring their own. Now, I know that the toilet paper could be stolen, but I would at least like to see a sign of toilet paper. Also, the girls stalls don't have trash cans so there were used things just sitting around and stuffed behind the toilet and such. It was gross. And there was no soap or soap dispenser or hand dryers. I am hoping that the new building that they are building have these things, but it makes me wonder about all of the schools that aren't getting a new building.

I knew that some of these schools are bad. I have heard Terry talk about his schools, but it is different seeing it myself. It is just sad. It almost makes me want to support the Robin-hood Program. It makes me thank my lucky stars that I went to the school that I did. It was public but it was an awesome highly ranked school.

Another thing that made me sad yesterday was the fact that language is such a barrier. there were class ruled that said "No language besides English is to be spoken in this classroom." And when I looked at the posters on the wall. Almost all of them had incomplete sentences and horrid grammar. In 6th Grade!!!


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