Friday, November 10, 2006

Egos are King

I got this story sent to be through an Ishmael readers Listserv. Thought I'd share:

The following conversation was overheard by an Abductee while on an Unrevealed Airborne Entity – a UAE, hovering over a large metropolitan area on a planet named Earth, in a solar system in a spiral galaxy, the Milky Way. From the conversation it was later deduced that the aliens were from the star system Xenon, it was their first visit to the planet Earth, and their first abduction.

The Advanced beings named Adamus and Evon were apparently speculating on what they observed, which was a rush hour over a city on the planet, and traffic conditions that were transpiring.

Evon – I see creatures whose exterior appears to be an exoskeleton (automobiles), moving in an orderly fashion on what seems to be path ways. There are thousands of them – they are moving in packs and waves that are synchronized in some manner.

Adamus – The exoskeletons are all different, brightly colored, various sizes, some conformity in shape, but still different. I wonder what it means.

Evon –I’m sure the exoskeletons are necessary; the internal beings seem to use them for moving longer distances only, and then shed them when they remain stationary, or move for short distances - how strange.

Adamus – Remember when we visited the star system Habitatus Inferior? The ego was regarded as the most important aspects of the psyche of those beings, and the beings there were given status based on their outward appearance.

Evon – Excitedly - I believe you’re right! An also on Habitatus Inferior, the larger, more brightly colored, and fancily bedecked were given a higher status in their society. We are seeing a similar situation here. Ego is king, and the exoskeletons (cars) are the outwardly manifestation of the ego. A large brightly colored exoskeleton would, under your theory, place the whole individual ensemble higher in the social order of this planetary system.

Adamus - Especially moving on those pathways, larger and more prominent vehicle beings (SUVs) would certainly have an advantage over lessor bedecked inhabitants. Earth is a truly amazing planet!

Written by a transplant from the star system “Xenon”

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