Thursday, November 02, 2006

For the Love of Money

So... I have an accounting test tomorrow, so I have been spending the whole week learning about money. Currently, the business world baffels me. People work long hours just to make a little bit more money. Do you really need that 4 bedroom house for just one or two people. I guess you do if you have kids, but still.

Anywho, I like the idea of making money without working for it. This is what savings does. Yay interest!! I am currently making a nice $45 a year from my $1000 that is just sitting in my savings. And once I get my $5000 CD out of the grasps of my mother's selfish bank, I will be making $300 a year!! That is $25 a month! For doing nothing!! And I am not even risking anything like I would be if I invested in stocks or bonds or such things. And like a normal savings account, I can withdraw from it when I wish (although the # of withdraws are limited).

So, what is your bank giving you on your savings account??? (Yeah, that's what I thought.) :-p

My old bank was giving my 1.3% APY on my savings. That isn't worth anything. I now get 4.5% APY. The choice is clear. Switch to ING Direct.

Why is ING so giving? They save money by not having bank branchs on every street corner. You get money in your account by transfering it directly from your current checking account.

Want a peice of the dough AND AN EXTRA $25?
Send me an email (awhiteraven124 [at]] aim [[dot] com) and I will send you the referral link. Use that link to open an account with an initail deposit of at least $250, and ING will give you a $25 sign-up bonus. Now you can't beat that!!!

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