Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zune and Header

So, Have you heard of the newest laughing matter that just proves that Microsoft is an idiot? Yeah, that thing is Zune, their version of the ipod. The greatest thing that I have heard about it from a non-microsoft source is that is has potential.

Some of the Top reasons why Zune is funny:

  • You can't play any music on it bought from iTunes or any other legal digital music store. You can only play music from the Zune music store and music ripped off of CDs. So if you are a big digital music buyer, you will have to start your collection over.
  • It has the capability to play movies... but they are not selling movies to play on it. And you can't watch iTunes movies on it.
  • It's quite big. Although I guess so were the original iPods.
  • You can share music... but only for 3 plays or 3 days. Then you have to buy the song from the zune store.
  • And the funniest reason of all: It is incompatable with Vista, Microsofts newest operating system... um, they are working on that. (Tee HEE)
Anywho, We shall see what happens, but they have a long way to go in order to compete with iPod.
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In other news, I created this in Photoshop:

Cool isn't it?

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